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Om. Nom. Nom.

Last night I had the best sushi I have ever tasted in my life. It was beautiful and moving.

I will be going back. Soon.


Testing 1, 2, 3

Nothing to do with the awesome Barenaked Ladies song; I’m testing out the WordPress iPhone app to see how well it actually works.

Lots of mobile blogging on the horizon? Who knows?!?!

Personal Technical

Create an iPhone Note from your Mac and Push it to GMail

iPhone Notes

A Happy New Year to everyone! My Xmas/NYE were spent feeling pretty ill, but some groovy pills from the doctor sorted all that out relatively quickly. Apart from that, much fun was had and even more tasty food was had. Happy days!

Now that’s out of the way, on with the geekery.

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Games Random

Have yourself an 8-bit little Xmas.

To keep with the spirit of things, I thought I might share this version of a popular Christmas song, the twist being that it’s done to sound like it came out of a NES. Which can only be a good thing.

Chip-tune version of  “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen”

It’s maybe a bit “techno” in places,  but it mellows out towards the end. If you fancy more, there’s a whole album you can listen to (click the box at the bottom left).

Merry Xmas!


Unpacking an OS X pkg file

Mac Package Icon

“Back in the day” Mac pkg files simply used to be folders that you could right-click and “Show Contents” or even just cd into from the command line. This is still the case for Mac applications that you just drag and drop into the Applications folder but, more recently, the format installation packages seems to have changed, making getting into the guts of them a bit harder.

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iPhone Tethering Woes

Another technical post this time, I am going to describe issues I’ve been having tethering my iPhone 4 to my MacBook Pro. I did eventually get a work around but it’s still not exactly great. Still, I had to piece a lot of this together by myself so this might be of interest.

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Dealing with upper case file/foldernames

As part of my effort to try and post more stuff, I’m going to start posting things that I have been battling with at some point and managed to overcome. I guess that the idea is that I have it all written down somewhere (memory starting to go already!) and that maybe it might be helpful to someone else. The first one is a pretty simple tweak that modifies tab completion in bash.

Having moved over to OS X a while ago, I found it difficult at first to get to grips with the changes. I was used to both Windows and Linux at that time and was quite happy at a GUI or a command line. The Mac GUI is nice to work with (I LOVE Exposé), but working in Terminal was driving me insane for a number of reasons.

Exposé making life easier

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Hello World!

Hello world, indeed.

I’ve finally got round to updating my web site somewhat. The first step is to transfer all of the content from my account into WordPress. This was surprisingly easy, but I’m pretty sure that I hard-coded some URLs back in the day, which means that things will be pretty wonky on here for a little while until I go back through things and retroactively fix them.

I know that it’s been more than a year since I posted anything on here… a lot has happened since then. Some good, some bad. Some things I might share, others most certainly not. In any case, I find myself with some time on my hands and think that it might be best to finally move my web presence from living on the Manchester servers to something a bit more permanent and independent of where I work at any point in time. Also, it’s good to make proper use of the domain name I’ve been paying for all this time!

In the mean time I have the joys of selecting a WordPress theme, altering DNS records to actually point here, fixing things to match how things were before (as closely as I can) and all sorts of other fun and games.


Family Personal Travel

More catching up.

So, once again I am faced with the prospect of trying to get several months (at least it’s not years, this time) of events into a single entry without boring everyone to tears.

One of the most interesting things to happen in a long time was my trip to China:

Tienamen Square – China ’09 The Great Wall – China ’09
Summer Palace – China ’09 Ding Ling Tomb – China ’09

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With apologies to Piku

So apparently I’m the worst uncle in the world ever.

Not only did I forget to mention Piku’s birthday on here in December but I seem to have no pictures or anything to put up for it either. I’d like to take the opportunity to apoligise from the bottom of my heart and beg for forgiveness.

It all happened quite a while ago now, so my memory is a little bit hazy. I do remember that we tricked Piku into thinking that nobody else was coming and that she’d have to make do with only me (what a horrible prospect!). Anyway, I got Piku the following toy:

There’s a trick to it of course, but the idea is that it should look like it’s just floating in the air.

Hopefully the next time I’m in Blackpool, Piku will have mastered it…. though it is pretty tricky to get right.