I hate being ill!

I am sure if it has something to do with travelling on (dirty?) trains all the time, but I am ill again. Not good.

I don’t feel too flu-y or cold-y, but my throat is absolutely killing me and I am really tired. This has put a serious dent in my writing over the past couple of days – i.e. I have done next to nothing – which is really annoying. I have gone out this morning and bought some blacksips – like lemsip, but blackcurrent – to see if that will help with the horrendous itchyness in my throat.

Perhaps now is the time to use the fallback plan of putting in most of my diagrams and screenshots – sure to bulk up the page count and has to be done at some point.

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  • AK
    11/10/2006 - 10:59 PM | Permalink

    You know its ok to take some time off work if you are ill. In fact it might give you some much needed time off. :)

    Get well soon.

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