With apologies to Piku

So apparently I’m the worst uncle in the world ever.

Not only did I forget to mention Piku’s birthday on here in December but I seem to have no pictures or anything to put up for it either. I’d like to take the opportunity to apoligise from the bottom of my heart and beg for forgiveness.

It all happened quite a while ago now, so my memory is a little bit hazy. I do remember that we tricked Piku into thinking that nobody else was coming and that she’d have to make do with only me (what a horrible prospect!). Anyway, I got Piku the following toy:

There’s a trick to it of course, but the idea is that it should look like it’s just floating in the air.

Hopefully the next time I’m in Blackpool, Piku will have mastered it…. though it is pretty tricky to get right.

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