More catching up.

So, once again I am faced with the prospect of trying to get several months (at least it’s not years, this time) of events into a single entry without boring everyone to tears.

One of the most interesting things to happen in a long time was my trip to China:

Tienamen Square – China ’09 The Great Wall – China ’09
Summer Palace – China ’09 Ding Ling Tomb – China ’09

The trip was for work relating to the COLAB project between Leeds and Beihang Universities but there was some time for sight-seeing. There was also loads of amazing food to be had, some of it nice and spicy as well. I would have loved to have been able to have more than the 5 nights there that we did have, but you can’t really complain when a trip is for free. I flew back from China on my birthday and as a result ended up with a birthday that lasted 31 hours… this would have been great, if not for Air France messing things up and having to spend well over 20 hours of it travelling back to Leeds to get back almost exactly at midnight. The longest birthday ever, in many senses.

Having got through all of that, it then seemed to become wedding season again. As is occasionally the case, I ended up at a wedding where I didn’t know either of the people gettting married at all. This is a real issue I have with the way Indian weddings are done. Even still, I managed to eat the nice food and managed to get an interesting array of deserts for myself:

Sanjeev and Amy

I also got to go to Sanjay’s wedding to my latest Bhabiji, Priya. The whole process was good, even if Vijay did take delight in telling me that I was dressed up like a genie:

Sanjay and Priya

The only bad thing about all of this is that apparently, I’m next. While there’s been no huge amount of pressure from anyone or anywhere, all the little nudges and winks and “when are you getting married then” comments add up. It’s not that I’m averse to the idea; I just hate the concept that my life should run according to someone else’s (or many other people’s) schedule. Still, it would be potentially stupid to not even meet someone that is being suggested to me. As someone once said to me many years ago in a drunken conversation; she could be smokin’ hot. Even getting beyond all that, the chances that all the various astrological superstitions and other barriers to potential introductees are overcome, there’s still the problem of this person being able to tolerate me, at the very least. I’m not exactly holding my breath.

I’m sure there’s a ton of other stuff I’m forgetting. The main thing in my mind at the moment is that all of the people in Blackpool are (thankfully) on their way to a recovery following what sounds like a pretty horrendous crash on the M1. Especially the kids. Hopefully I will be able to get round there and lift people’s spirits with my own special brand of entertainment.

Finally, I will say congratulations Roger Federer. It was sad to see Roddick almost crying, but I did want Federer to win. It was an epic match.

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