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Create an iPhone Note from your Mac and Push it to GMail

iPhone Notes

A Happy New Year to everyone! My Xmas/NYE were spent feeling pretty ill, but some groovy pills from the doctor sorted all that out relatively quickly. Apart from that, much fun was had and even more tasty food was had. Happy days!

Now that’s out of the way, on with the geekery.

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iPhone Tethering Woes

Another technical post this time, I am going to describe issues I’ve been having tethering my iPhone 4 to my MacBook Pro. I did eventually get a work around but it’s still not exactly great. Still, I had to piece a lot of this together by myself so this might be of interest.

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Dealing with upper case file/foldernames

As part of my effort to try and post more stuff, I’m going to start posting things that I have been battling with at some point and managed to overcome. I guess that the idea is that I have it all written down somewhere (memory starting to go already!) and that maybe it might be helpful to someone else. The first one is a pretty simple tweak that modifies tab completion in bash.

Having moved over to OS X a while ago, I found it difficult at first to get to grips with the changes. I was used to both Windows and Linux at that time and was quite happy at a GUI or a command line. The Mac GUI is nice to work with (I LOVE Exposé), but working in Terminal was driving me insane for a number of reasons.

Exposé making life easier

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