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Jumping through hoops

Okay… so I have lost my phone to some sneaky little $%^! (see my post from Monday), but I am now faced with the biggest bit of stupidity I have ever seen in my life. Orange (and probably all of the mobile service providers) are quite happy to send me out a new sim card and even a new phone if I upgrade my contract. “That’s awesome”, I hear you say.

Here’s the catch; the upgrade deals they offer are rubbish. I found a deal I liked the look of from onecompare and they couldn’t come anywhere near it. Okay, so what about ending my current contract and moving the number over to the new one. No can do apparently – the only way this can happen is if the new contract I get elsewhere is from a different provider. The problem is that all the best deals are on Orange, people I like are on Orange (they can call me for free off-peak if I am too), and I like the Orange Wednesdays. So now in order to keep my old mobile number – maybe I should just give up on that – I have to port my number to a different network and then from there back to Orange, but onto my new contract. How absolutely retarded is that? It’s made even worse by the fact that things would be so much easier for me if I DIDN’T want to stay with Orange. Way to go on the customer retention there Orange.

When I asked the Orange customer services guy why I couldn’t transfer my number from Orange to Orange, he told me that the deals I was looking at were to attract new customers. Oh, how very nice of them. Never mind the fact that their website proudly proclaims that “existing customers now get the same deals as new”. I am not impressed one tiny little bit. As it happens, my new phone should be arriving tomorrow, IF the company I ordered from aren’t as incompetent as the rest of the world seems to be at times, and I now have my PAC code to transfer my number.

For the first time, I am getting a Sony Erricson phone. It could be horribly painful to learn to use, but I am optimistic. There are lots of good reviews of it and it apparently has the best camera on a phone ever. Which should be fun.

All I need now is a pay as you go sim card for O2 or something to be my stepping stone and I am good to go. Apparently you can get them for free online…

I still think it’s crazy that I have to go through all these steps just to keep my number. If I was any more outraged I might even write to OFCOM. Now there’s an idea….

Yikes. I can’t believe I am turning into a grumpy old man at the age of 25. Not cool. Not cool at all.


Another Long Weekend

Yay! Blog time.

This time, I am on my way somewhere rather than on my way back. The long weekend syndrome doesn’t seem to be fading at all. On the plus side, thesis work is progressing at a much more reasonable pace, so much so that I think I might even meet my own aim of getting all (might have to settle for most) of my writing done by the end of the year. First draft at the very least. Awesomeness. I am currently at 75 pages, which might not seem like such a huge leap, but it includes removing loads of bullet points and replacing them with (somewhat) coherent sentences, so I am feeling much happier about it. I have also managed to get some of the nastier diagrams out of the way and pasted in some screenshots so the whole thing is looking a lot nicer as well. Lots more screenshots to go in as well.

Currently, I am on my way to Loughborough to spend some time with Viney and Vijay as well as to help Palu build a shiny new PC. I will post some suitably gratuitous shots of PC “bits” laid bare after the event. Nice…..

Speaking of pics, I am now starting to use Google’s image hosting service, it’s a bit of a Flickr rip-off, but it gets the job done a bit more easily through Picasa – Picasa is Google’s image organisation/tweaking software, which, quite awesomely, is available for Linux. I got the idea after seeing someone else’s and realising that my Manchester HEP web space probably won’t last forever. In any case, you can see the first lot of pics at http://picasaweb.google.com/shivkaushal and I will be migrating all my existing pics and uploading more new ones in the near future.

I am currently mourning the loss of new South Park and Lost episodes from the ol‘ USA. I am quite unhappy that there won’t be any more of either until next February. Given that the lack of new shows seems to coincide with my sudden burst of productivity, it might not be such a bad thing. There are plenty of older episodes to keep me amused anyway… Must look up “Good Times With Weapons” some time soon.

That’s about all for now. Apart from not being paid over £400 by the University that I claimed for some time in September. It’s made worse by the fact that I am not really getting any money from anywhere since my studentship expired at the end of September (last payment was in July!). The rage starts to boil over from time to time, but I manage to calm myself down by thinking of flowers and puppies and other wonderful things…. yeah, sure. Seriously, not cool.