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Back in blog

So, not as soon after the last posting as I would have liked but it’s better that the year or so break I took, right?

In true blogtacular tradition of days gone by, I’m writing this on a train coming back from an outing with someone(s) awesome(s?). I was over in Manchester visiting Sarah and Martin. Various circumstances have conspired to ensure that this is the first time we’ve met up since before Xmas. As a result, there was the inevitable exchange of gifts, which is often a cause for anxiety for me… I’m never sure that I’ve bought someone the right thing and there’s always the dread of your gift being totally outshone by the gift that has been got for you, showing you up as totally not understanding the other person as well as they do you.

In the end all was well; I was hella-happy with what I got. There’s a guitar tab book filled with the greatest hits of guitar hero. Finally I’ll be able to look down on people who love the game and say “play a real guitar” and show them how. Surely learning the whole book of songs won’t take me long. The other thing is a weird tower building game where you have to pile up hedgehogs.

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Family Friends Games Work

Blog Catchup… Again

Oookay, it’s been a while since the last blogtacular update but I have been kind of busy.

I managed to get all of my moving stuff sorted out and I am now (happily?) settling in at Leeds – both the city and the University. It’s kind of weird living by myself, but my flat is so hella-awesome that it makes up for it.

Quite a few things have happened over the past couple of months, some of them with pics (and videos) to go with them.

There was a SingStar extravaganza at Irina’s place before I left Manchester for good:

SingStar Party

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