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Forward Planning

The weekend has been somewhat unproductive… not entirely surprising considering all the work I did during the week. I was sure to need some time to relax.

Saturday brought an interesting change from the norm – Matloob from Cambridge was in town visiting family and such, but managed to find some time to fit me in as well. After showing him the amazing awesomeness that is Drummania, we hung out for a while and went to watch Crank later on that day. On the whole I thought that the film was quite enjoyable but it was completely unwatchable for me due to the shakey first-person and third-person camera overload. For some reason watching such things (like Blair Witch Project or the first scene from Saving Private Ryan) makes me feel very, very nauseous. The same happens when playing certain games (mainly FPSs) on my PC. It’s more than a bit annoying since it makes me feel that I am missing out on a lot of good films and a whole genre (and more) of video games. Ah well, nobody’s perfect.

Saturday also saw the beginning of a third member in the household – Juhan is moving in. Which meant I had to move all of my junk stuff from the spare/guest room to make space for his mountain of things. Just moving my things up a flight of stairs reminded me how much I hate moving… I do not envy Juhan at all, especially since he is going to be cramming his entire flat into the smallest room in the house.

Today I was at my ickle sister’s house yet again, making final repairs to her PC and installing Ubunutu.Hooray for Linux! I am sure that she only wants it because she found out it has a program that tests your hiragana knowledge. That and the awesome effect of a 3D desktop environment, complete with wobbly windows. Didn’t manage to get the wobbly stuff in place before I had to leave to catch the last train (where I am right now) back to Manchester. I did manage to get her non-Microsoft Remote working with Windows Media Centre though, so she is now able to be even lazier and control her PC without having to lean towards it from her bed. Her PC is so much better than mine… I have no idea how that happened.

Anyway, that’s my exciting weekend, which I am sure thousands of people will now feel compelled to comment on. I am really quite tired now – I am having trouble keeping my eyes open and the gentle swaying of the train is having a non-trivial effect on me as well.. I got up at 5.45 this morning so I could watch the Chinese Grand Prix and it is now well after midnight. Marta said I should just record it, but she doesn’t understand that you just HAVE to watch it live. Especially now that things are so close at the front end of both championships.

I forsee this tiring weekend, especially today, having a knock-on effect in terms of tomorrow’s thesis productivity. At least I will have an excuse for being asleep when I should be at work. If you were to look at it carefully, you might even start to think that this whole weekend was engineered by me to get a decent excuse for yet ANOTHER day of low productivity. But that would be far to clever for me to think of – I never plan that far ahead.