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New Phone! Graduation! Hangover Get!


I have my new phone. It’s a very spangly Sony Ericsson k800i, designed with picture taking in mind. The camera is pretty good, but the whole thing is made so much better by it’s awesome flash – in a reasonably sized room it makes pictures taken in darkness come out as if lights were on. Awesome.

Like most camera phones, it’s not so great outdoors at night, even with it’s flash. Having said that there are some pictures to feast your eyes on that I took on Thursday when various people from the year above me were graduating with their PhDs. Clicking the following picture will take you to the web album.

The pictures show gowns, drinking and eating that all took place that day. What it doesn’t show you is the SingStar hilarity that ensued after – accompanied by home made Irn Bru WKDs.

Sarah and Martin were in town on Tuesday for her graduation as well, so muchos congrats to her as well. All these smug people with their fancy PhDs… you’d think it would be enough to spur me on to finish my own. Progress has slowed somewhat compared to previous weeks. Maybe the rest of this

This is the second weekend in a row that I am not galavanting around the country and getting frustrated by the train service. It also means that, other than the above, not much exciting has been going on. Hopefully the Xmas/New year fortnight or so will liven things up a bit.


Jumping through hoops

Okay… so I have lost my phone to some sneaky little $%^! (see my post from Monday), but I am now faced with the biggest bit of stupidity I have ever seen in my life. Orange (and probably all of the mobile service providers) are quite happy to send me out a new sim card and even a new phone if I upgrade my contract. “That’s awesome”, I hear you say.

Here’s the catch; the upgrade deals they offer are rubbish. I found a deal I liked the look of from onecompare and they couldn’t come anywhere near it. Okay, so what about ending my current contract and moving the number over to the new one. No can do apparently – the only way this can happen is if the new contract I get elsewhere is from a different provider. The problem is that all the best deals are on Orange, people I like are on Orange (they can call me for free off-peak if I am too), and I like the Orange Wednesdays. So now in order to keep my old mobile number – maybe I should just give up on that – I have to port my number to a different network and then from there back to Orange, but onto my new contract. How absolutely retarded is that? It’s made even worse by the fact that things would be so much easier for me if I DIDN’T want to stay with Orange. Way to go on the customer retention there Orange.

When I asked the Orange customer services guy why I couldn’t transfer my number from Orange to Orange, he told me that the deals I was looking at were to attract new customers. Oh, how very nice of them. Never mind the fact that their website proudly proclaims that “existing customers now get the same deals as new”. I am not impressed one tiny little bit. As it happens, my new phone should be arriving tomorrow, IF the company I ordered from aren’t as incompetent as the rest of the world seems to be at times, and I now have my PAC code to transfer my number.

For the first time, I am getting a Sony Erricson phone. It could be horribly painful to learn to use, but I am optimistic. There are lots of good reviews of it and it apparently has the best camera on a phone ever. Which should be fun.

All I need now is a pay as you go sim card for O2 or something to be my stepping stone and I am good to go. Apparently you can get them for free online…

I still think it’s crazy that I have to go through all these steps just to keep my number. If I was any more outraged I might even write to OFCOM. Now there’s an idea….

Yikes. I can’t believe I am turning into a grumpy old man at the age of 25. Not cool. Not cool at all.



Another weekend, another train journey and yet another blog post. Despite my rather upbeat post I wrote when on my way to Loughborough, things took a turn for the worse when I got there. I was supposed to be meeting Vijay and Viney at the train station but after turning up at 8.30 in the evening, I found out that they were still in Basingstoke. In the end, I had to “amuse myself” for the couple of hours it would take for them to get there… I managed to find a pub where I could sit and read through some thesis stuff and have a quiet drink. By the time that Viney and Vijay turned up, I was 6 double vodka-lemonades worse off and enthusiastically helping a random couple I had met with their pub quiz answers. Things were looking up. The Chinese food we got from “Mr. Chan’s” was awesome, followed by “Click” starring Adam Sandler – all was looking well.

The following morning (Friday), having had about three hours sleep, me and Vijay made our way to the nearest McDonalds for some breakfast – I know, I know… I just LOVE their breakfasts, especially the hash browns. Awesome… Or so I thought. Having stupidly put my phone on the table we were eating at, I got up for less a really short time to talk to Vijay and came back to a table that was one Samsung D500 lighter. LAME. It’s not too bad though. I am past the 12 month point of my contract and was looking for a new phone, especially since mine was a bit broken. I had also just gone through the process of transferring all of the pictures/videos on it to my PC. The only real major problem with this is the hassle of being without a phone for a weekend and however long it takes me to choose a new one.

From then on, there were jokes aplenty forthcoming from Vijay and Co. about what the time was (I use my phone as my watch/alarm clock) and why I wasn’t answering their phone calls. I did manage to salvage some enjoyment from the weekend though. That evening, we were at Palu’s place, where I was helping him build his amazingly powerful new computer. After getting it up and running, we installed the OS and then started on testing out his shiny new graphics card with the best thing for it – games. The end result was that, apart from Viney, we all stayed up the whole night.

The next morning (Saturday) Palu had to go off to work and the rest of us went back to Vineys place to do some tidying, cleaning and gardening… Quite why anyone thought it was a good idea to give a petrol powered strimmer, which was actually leaking, to a sleep deprived person with a history of accidentally burning things, is beyond me…. in any case, after a rather large lunch and watching Dave Gorman’s Googlewhack Adventure (during which Vijay managed to get a few more hours of sleep) we got back to it. The evening was spent in a snooker hall playing some pool… Considering the fact that I’d had only 3 hours sleep in the past 50 I was amazed to find that I was actually playing better than usual – I was beating Palu and Vijay with reasonable consistency. Awesome. I almost found myelf agreeing with a weird guy I saw on YouTube that “Sleep is for babies.” Kind of worrying, but I can almost see how he got to the state he was in if he really had been up for 5 days.

I finally collapsed in a heap at about 4 AM on Sunday morning and managed to start moving at 2 in the afternoon. A few more hours of “tinkering” with the new PC and a bite to eat later, I am now on a train on my way back to Manchester. I’m still a bit fried from the general lack of sleep and annoyed with the lack of phone in my pocket but on the whole, the weekend was pretty good.

Now to get back to writing thesis and my slightly more mundane University existence…. there’s always next weekend though. Woo Hoo!