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In the before time - in the long, long ago - I used to keep all of the pictures I was taking with my fancy new camera phone on this site. I have since migrated to an online Picasa Web Album.

Not only have I mainly moved on from using a phone to take my pictures, but Picasa does a much better job of presenting them nicely than I ever could. Having said that, I think it's good to keep all the pictures I have from before in roughly the same place. So to the left, you can navigate to the old albums - below, you can see the old main content of this page.

Original Content

NEW! - Now I am taking pictures with my new Samsung D500. As a result the pictures are much bigger :) This page is a collection of pictures of friends and family. Most of the pictures on this site (for now) have been taken on my Nokia 3650mobile phone - so the quality is not amazing but good enough for viewing on a PC.

The pictures of Nicki and Co. are ones sent to me from Oklahoma. If anyone else has some pictures they would like to share with me (and the world) or even some comments about the site do far, please email them to me at shiv AT hep.man.ac.uk or put your comments on my blog

If you want to visit my home page at the University of Manchester, you can find it through "who's who" on the HEP page or just click here.